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CupidClick Dating allows users to upload pictures into albums which are attached to user profiles. Any picture uploads excluding the profile picture needs to be stored in a picture album. This guide will show you the process of creating an album and adding pictures to it.

Step 1 - Begin Album Creation

Please ensure you are logged in to your CupidClick Dating account or you will not be able to upload pictures. On the left side navigation, click the "My Pictures" option to bring up your albums page. As seen in the image below, you will want to find the "New Album" near the top right and click it.

Step 2 - Album Name/Description

As seen below, you will need to enter your desired name before you may continue. The album description is optional but you can enter some information about your album. You'll also see privacy options allowing you to restrict the visibility of your picture album or limit the types of users allowed to post comments. You can also change these values at any time after the album has been created. Click the "Submit" button when you're ready to proceed.

Step 3 - Selecting Pictures

To begin adding pictures to your album, click the "Select files" button and select any pictures from your computer you'd like to add. You can upload either just a single picture or multiple pictures. When you've selected the pictures you want, click the "Upload files" button to process them.

Step 4 - Verifying Uploads

Once the upload process from step 3 has completed, thumbnail images of your uploaded pictures will be displayed allowing you to verify these are the pictures you wish to keep. Any pictures you uploaded in error can be removed by clicking the "Delete" link below the picture. If you're ready to go, click the "Continue" button to proceed.

Step 5 - Viewing Album

After your album has been created and pictures uploaded, you will be redirected to your album's page showing you thumbnail images of the picture contents. From here you can continue adding pictures or modify the pictures you've already uploaded into this album. To modify the settings of the album itself, click the "Edit Album" link found below the thumbnail images.

Step 6 - Album List

This step is entirely optional but allows you to verify your album is being displayed in your profile's album list. If you click the "My Pictures" link in the left side navigation you'll be able to see a list of your picture albums. To enter the album view mode shown in step 5, this is done by clicking on either the album cover picture or the album name next to the picture.