Adding New Friends

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CupidClick Dating features a friends list allowing users to keep track of their friends on the site. Keeping an updated friends list also allows users to enable privacy restrictions on their personal profile but still allow other users on the friends list to view it. This guide will outline the steps required to add users to the friends list.

Step 1 - View User's Profile

First thing you'll need to do is bring up the profile page for the user you'd like to add to your friends list. This can either be done via direct URL if you know their username or by finding them using the search tool. As seen in the image below, you will want to click the "Add to Friends" link found under the profile picture.

Step 2 - Pending Verification

Before a user is added to your friends list, that user must accept the friend request which you've sent in step 1. This may take some time depending on how often the user signs in to CupidClick Dating or checks their e-mail notifications. If this is the first friend you're adding to your list, you'll see the below message in your My Friends area if the other user has not yet accepted the request.

Step 3 - Request Accepted

Once the other user has confirmed the friend request, you will show up in eachother's friends list as seen in the image below. You will also receive an e-mail notification indicating the request was confirmed (not applicable if notifications are disabled). If you'd like to remove the user from your friends list, simply click the "Delete from Friends" link.